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The Free University of Berlin German: Free University of Berlin was established by darmstadt neue leute kennenlernen students and scholars on 4 December The foundation is strongly connected to the beginning of the Cold War period. The universities were increasingly influenced by communism as they were ground for the political disputes of the postwar period. This led to protests by students critical of the prevailing system. Between andmore than 18 students were arrested or persecuted, some even executed by the soviet secret police NKVD.

At the end offirst students demanded a university free from political influence. The climax of the protests was reached on 23 April Clay gave the order to legally check for the formation of a new university in the western uni mannheim exam dates. On 19 June the "preparatory committee for establishing a free university" consisting of politicians, professors, administrative staff members and students, met.

With a manifesto titled "Request for establishing a free university in Berlin" the committee appealed to the public for support. Meanwhile, the students committee in the German Democratic Republic protested against the formation, the GDR described the new university as the "so-called free university" in official documents until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The council-manager government accepted the by-law on 4 November The by-law achieved prominence under its alias "the Berlin model": This form was unique in Germany at that time, as the students had much more influence on the system than before.

But until the s, the involvement of the in the committees was slowly cut back while adapting to the model of the western German universities in order to be fully recognized as an equivalent university.

On 15 Novemberthe first lectures were held in the buildings of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society uni mannheim exam dates the Advancement of Science. The actual foundation took place on uni mannheim exam dates December in the Titania palace, the film with the biggest hall available in the western sectors of Berlin.

Attendants of the event were not only scientists, politicians the Governing Mayor Ernst Reuter amongst others and students, but also representatives of American universities, among them Stanford University and Yale University. ByFree University had registered 4, students. Kennedy was awarded honorary citizen by the Free University and held a ceremonial speech in front of the Henry Ford building in which he addressed the future of Berlin and Germany under the consideration of the motto of the FU.

Kennedy visited the university in [5] for the first time and in June for receiving his honorary degree from the Department of Philosophy. The speech he held at the event was dedicated to John F.

Kennedywho was assassinated just the year before. In the late s, Free University of Berlin was one of the main scenes of the German student movement of 68 as a reaction to the global student protests during that time. The events of the movement provided the impulse for openness, equality, and democracy in German society. Sincethe Free University of Berlin has revamped itself. Sincethe FU Berlin has been regrouping its research capacities into interdisciplinary research focus areas called clusters.

Uni mannheim exam dates dating harder than ever year was another crucial year for the Free University of Berlin as it was the university with the most approved funding applications in the German Universities Excellence Initiativeand it is now one of nine elite German universities to receive funding for its future development strategy.

In the same year, Free University of Berlin dedicated a to the founding students who were murdered during the protests. The university presents its Freedom Award to who have made a special contribution toward the cause of freedom.

The designer the seal was art historian and former president of the Free University of Berlin, Edwin Redslob. of the facilities of Free University of Berlin are located in the residential garden district of Uni mannheim exam dates in southwestern Berlin.

Around the beginning of the 20th century, Dahlem was established as a center for research of the highest caliber. The first new buildings housed government science agencies and new research institutes of the University of Berlin. The Kaiser Wilhelm Society — forerunner of present-day Max Planck Society — was founded in and established several institutes in Dahlem.

A group of researchers carried out pioneering research resulting in numerous Nobel Prizes. Since its foundation, Free University of Berlin has been using buildings formerly belonging to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society and, in addition, has added numerous architecturally innovative buildings.

Free University of Berlin central campus consists of building ensembles within walking distance of each other about 1. The planners oriented themselves along the type of campus found in the United States — a novelty in post-war Germany. The first independent structure to be completed on campus was the Henry Ford building, funded by the Ford Foundation.

To that point, the university was housed in several older structures around the neighborhood, including the Otto Hahn building, which houses the Department of Biochemistry to this day. Thanks to further donations from the United States, Free University of Berlin was able to construct several new central building complexes including the Benjamin Franklin university clinic complex.

The uni mannheim exam dates single complex of university buildings is the Rost- und Silberlaubewhich translates roughly to uni mannheim exam dates "Rust and Silver Lodges". This complex consists of a series of interlinked structures corresponding to either a deep bronze hence, "rust" or shiny white "silver" hue, surrounding a variety of leafy courtyards.

It has been complemented in by a new centerpiece, the brain-shaped Philological Librarydesigned by British architect Lord Norman Foster. The main campus can be reached by public transportation: The campus in Lankwitzformerly part of a teacher training college, is now home to the department of Earth sciences and a part of the university archives.

Until their move to Dahlem inthe Institute for Media and Communication Studies was located there. Since the formation of the FU init has used public hospitals as part of the medical faculty.

The medical center became one of the biggest European medical establishments unifying all institutes, clinics and lecture halls.

Init consists of 36 scientific institutes and 1, hospital beds. Today, the district of Dahlem is a hotspot for research and culture: Beside several institutes of the renowned Max Planck Society amongst others: During the s, a student village with 27 buildings was constructed uni mannheim exam dates Schlachtensee lake serving as housing opportunities for students. With an of 8.

Items published since are fully digitalized and accessible through an OPAC. Sincethe FU creates a new library with about 12, m 2 of usable space. It is planned to include all libraries of the natural science departments and the smaller institutes uni mannheim exam dates the humanities e.

The projected costs are around 51 million euros. Construction work started in March with plans on finishing at uni mannheim exam dates end of The executive board consists of the president Prof. There are also supporting offices for Public Affairs and the General Counsel for legal affairs. It consults local schools and the senate to achieve and develop a high standard of school quality in Berlin and Brandenburg and closely cooperates with the Department of Education and Psychology of the FU.

Under conductor Karl Forster, it merged with uni mannheim exam dates ensemble of the Technical University Berlin in Today, Collegium Musicum has around members from all fields of studies who spend their leisure time making music.

It currently consists of five ensembles: With 12 departments FB and three interdisciplinary central institutes, the university can be seen as an universitas litterarum a traditional university uni mannheim exam dates studies in all basic sciences is possible.

Despite the variety of subjects, apart from computer science in the field of engineering can only be done at the Technical University or universities of applied science Fachhochschulen. With 33, applicants for the undergraduate programs Bachelor inadmissions at Free University of Berlin remain highly competitive as the university only offers about 4, places each year.

The general deadline for students directly from high school applying to limited programs in the coming winter semester is 15 July every year at all universities in Germany.

In some cases especially Uni mannheim exam dates and Psychologythe NC every year is as high as 1. Both results are then added to the Abitur grade. The final decision on the results of the competitors.

Free University of Berlin operates on a semester calendar where the winter term begins on 1 October and ends on 31 March. The exact same model can be found at almost every university in Germany.

The time where lectures are being held varies each year, normally beginning around mid-October and ending uni mannheim exam dates early as mid-February. Free University of Berlin offers a broad spectrum of subjects in over degree programs. speciality of the FU is the possibility to study a vast amount of "small subjects" e.

At Free University of Berlin, Bachelor programs are generally divided into three categories: Besides the core subject sall students are required to complete a series of courses related to general professional skills ABV. The old Diplom and Magister artium programs are still running, but do not accept new admissions uni mannheim exam dates. In the fields of Medicine, Veterinary MedicineDentistryPharmacy and the law, students enroll in programs with Staatsexamen.

Free University of Berlin does not charge any tuition fees in the classical sense. The fees for the semester ticket is defined by a contract with the local transportation company, the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg and allows students to move freely in the ABC zones of Berlin.

Between andforeign guest researchers came to the university through fellowships granted by the renowned Alexander von Uni mannheim exam dates Foundationmaking the FU the most popular destination for foreign researchers in Germany.

In the field of natural sciencesresearch focuses on basic research with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinaritywhereas research in the humanities focuses on the current economical, political and cultural development of society transformation processes, effects of globalization and environmental politics.

In the field of Earth sciencesthe FU has contributed to various aeronautical missions, e. Over the course of one week, international renowned scientists and Nobel laureates come together and discuss current problems in all fields of studies. The annual "Einstein Lectures Dahlem" hosted by the university and several external institutions since are dedicated to Albert Einsteinwho was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics for more than 15 years.

Free University of Berlin maintains wide-ranging international contacts to top universities and organizations which provide key impulses for research and teaching. The university is a founding member of the global educational center for the study of transnational law, the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies in London. First contacts universities in Eastern Europe were made in the s.

The newly established Centre for International Cooperation CIC concentrates on identifying new strategic partners for international projects. Every year, about visiting scientists contribute to the university teaching and research. The foreign branch offices uni mannheim exam dates to expand upon cooperation partnerships already existing with universities in the country.

This German University Alliance, [30] located in German House, the seat of the German Consulate General and the German UN Mission, represents the uni mannheim exam dates of the two universities in the United States and Canada and works to increase the exchange of students and scientists. Since this alumni- and fundraising organization has maintained close contact to alumni and scientists of the Free University of Berlin in the U.

Some of the proceeds from uni mannheim exam dates fundraising activities were contributed to the renovation of the Henry Ford Uni mannheim exam dates.

Städtebauplanung, Bauplanung, Landschaftsplanung, Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsschutzkoordination, Brandschutzplanung, Videoerstellung, Grafik- und.

Exam registration Exchange students need to register for exams during the official registration period via the student portal. For all other exams, students are to register during the regular registration period. Exchange students studying modules in the Humanities must take their examinations on the regular examination date. For students of modules in other subjects, taking examinations on the regular examination date is recommended.

Late registration Late registration is possible up until 1 December For exams taking place before 1 Decemberstudents may register late up to one week prior to the regular examination date. Please use the online form for your late registration, print it and submit the form at the Express Service during the opening hours.

Changes in registration Students can change their registration for written exams from the regular to the alternate examination date up to two days prior to the respective regular examination date.

This does not apply to examinations taken in the Humanities. Exchange students studying modules in the Humanities can only register to take examinations on the examination date and cannot change their registration. Please contact your advisor in the Student Services office for further information: A withdrawal via in due time is usually not associated with any costs.

The same applies if the type of examination is not a written exam but rather, for example, a paper or oral examination.

Information on how to withdraw from an exam via Portal2 can be found here. After the withdrawal period, it is no longer possible to withdraw from an exam. De-registration from an exam after the withdrawal period requires proof of a valid reason e. Examination regulations forExchange Students Please find below important information on how uni mannheim exam dates register for an exam during the official exam registration period and after the official period, withdrawal from an exam you have registered for, and resit of examinations you have failed.

Registration for an exam is not possible. In case are not able to register for an exam via the student portal please send an e-mail uni mannheim exam dates the responsible advisor at the Student Services indicating your name, student ID number and the title of the exam you would like to register for.

Overlapping exams We will make sure that none of your exams overlap. In order for us to do so it is important that you register for your exams during the exam registration period. We can only assure that exams will not overlap during the registration period.

Uni mannheim exam dates due to illness If uni mannheim exam dates have to de-register from an exam due to illness, please submit a medical certificate and the form "Application for De-registration from an Exam for Valid Reasons" to the Uni mannheim exam dates Services without delay.

For further information uni mannheim exam dates follow this link. Imprint Privacy Policy Contact. Home Deutsch Print search.

Endogenous Shocks in Social Networks

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Swansea University is a registered charity. No.
Free University of Berlin was established by students and scholars on 4 December The foundation is strongly connected to the beginning of the Cold War period.
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Alle Inhalte auf unseren Seiten sind inoffiziell und ohne Gewähr. Beachte immer auch die Information der jeweiligen offiziellen Stellen.




Der Master Wirtschaftsinformatik ist ein Masterstudium mit ähnlicher Ausrichtung wie der. Der Master bietet deutlich mehr Wahlmöglichkeiten als der Bachelor WiMa und umfasst in der Regel 120 ECTS über 4 Semester verteilt. Informationen zur Zulassung single frauen in celle findest du!


Struktur des Studiums (nach der ‘alter’ Prüfungsordnung)


Der Master of Science in Wirtschaftsinformatik in Mannheim bietet viele Wahlmöglichkeiten. Der Studiengang umfasst insgesamt 120 ECTS Punkte, die wie folgt aufgeteilt sind:

  • 78 ECTS Kurse
  • 12 ECTS Team Projekt
  • 30 ECTS Master Thesis

Die Regelstudienzeit beträgt 4 Semester.


Alle Kurse können im aktuellen  eingesehen werden.

Generell gibt es zwei Arten von Kursen: Fundamentals und Specialization Kurse. Insgesamt müsst ihr 78 ECTS erbringen, was insgesamt 13 Modulen entspricht (jedes Modul hat in der Regel 6 ECTS). Die Verteilung der Module könnt ihr bestimmen: entweder 6 Fundamentals und 7 Specializations oder 7 Fundamentals und 6 Specializations.

Fundamentals können (und müssen bis zu einem bestimmten Grad) von jedem gehört werden. Sie werden in drei Bereiche aufgeteilt, in denen ihr bestimmte Mindestanzahlen von ECTS erbringen müsst:

  • Computer Science: 12-24 ECTS
  • Business Informatics: 12-24 ECTS
  • Business Administration: 0-18 ECTS

Specialization Kurse hängen von eurer Wahl des sogenannten Specialization Tracks ab, eine Richtung in der ihr euch spezialisieren wollt. In diesem Semester (HWS 16/17) werden folgende Specialization Tracks angeboten:

  • Information Technology
  • Systems Design and Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Data and Web Science
  • Software Engineering

Ihr wählt euren Track implizit, d.h. ihr müsst ihn nirgendwo angeben, sondern er wird “automatisch” durch die Wahl eurer Module festgelegt. Achtung: ihr müsst mindestens freiburger single nacht 2013 5 Module aus einem Track belegen, 1-2 dürfen trackfremd sein. Ein Modul kann hierbei mehreren Tracks zugeordnet sein (genauere Infos findet ihr im ). Die Seminararbeit mit 4 ECTS und das Scientific Research Seminar mit 2 ECTS werden bei dieser Rechnung der Einfachheit halber zu einem Kurs aus dem Specialization Track zusammengefasst.

Wann ihr welche Kurse macht, bleibt eure Entscheidung. Es müssen nicht erst alle Fundamentals abgeschlossen sein, bevor ihr Kurse aus dem Specialization Track hören könnt. Die Anforderungen im Modulkatalog sind meistens nicht verpflichtend vorausgesetzt, sondern nur Empfehlungen, die sicherstellen sollen, dass man die richtigen Voraussetzungen mitbringt, um den Kurs bestehen zu können.


Team Projekt


Das Team Projekt ist verpflichtend und besteht immer aus 12 ECTS. Diese können auf entweder 1 oder 2 Semester verteilt sein, was projektabhängig ist. Zu Beginn jedes Semesters gibt es eine Team Projekt Vorstellung durch die Lehrstühle. Anschließend könnt ihr eine Liste mit Prioritäten angeben und werdet dementsprechend einem Projekt zugeordnet.



Die ist das wichtigste Dokument für euer Studium, in dem sozusagen „die Regeln“ (Modulwahl, Prüfungen, Notenberechnung…) festgeschrieben sind. Im Folgenden findet ihr einige wichtige Information daraus, bei weiteren Fragen könnt ihr selbst einen Blick hineinwerfen (und uns ggfs. kontaktieren).


Es gibt pro Semester zwei Klausurphasen. Die Ersttermine werden in den zwei Wochen nach Ende der Vorlesungszeit, die Zweittermine in der letzten Woche vor Vorlesungsbeginn. Einen Überblick über die aktuellen Termine findet ihr. Bei den meisten Prüfungen dürft ihr selbst entscheiden, ob ihr zum Erst- oder Zeittermin schreiben wollt. Besteht ihr eine Prüfung zum Zweittermin aber nicht müsst ihr meistens ein Jahr warten um die Prüfung zu wiederholen, da viele Veranstaltungen nur einmal im Jahr angeboten werden.


Jedes Semester gibt es einen zweiwöchigen Zeitraum, in dem man sich für die Klausuren anmelden kann (die Prüfungsanmeldung erfolgt in der Regel im ). Im Herbst-/Winter-Semester befindet sich der Zeitraum gewöhnlich im Oktober, im Frühjahr-/Sommer-Semester im April. Aufgepasst: der Zeitraum zur Prüfungsanmeldung hängt von der Fakultät ab! Der Anmeldezeitraum der Fakultät BWL ist früher als der Anmeldezeitraum der Fakultät Wirtschaftsinformatik und Wirtschaftsmathematik (WIM). Meistens endet er zwei Tage, bevor der andere anfängt, sodass man es natürlich schön leicht vergessen kann. Zur Fakultät BWL zählen alle Business Administration Fundamentals, aber auch Module, die von Herrn Prof. Dr. Heinzl, Herrn Prof. Dr. Becker, Herrn Prof. Dr. Hoehle und Frau Juniorprof. Dr. Krönung. Diese Vier sind Professoren der Area IS, welche zur Fakultät BWL gehört, daher muss hier unbedingt der frühere Anmeldezeitraum beachtet werden.

Solltet ihr einmal vergessen, single frauen in celle euch für eine Prüfung anzumelden, könnt ihr euch auch nachträglich anmelden, das kostet dann aber 10€ pro Prüfung. Diese Gebühr fällt auch an, wenn Ihr euch außerhalb des Anmeldezeitraums von einer Klausur abmelden wollt.

Habt ihr eine Prüfung mal nicht bestanden werden ihr zum nächsten möglichen Nachschreibetermin automatisch angemeldet.


Ihr könnt von fast allen Prüfungen bis zu 2 Tage vor dem Prüfungstermin zurücktreten. Dies funktioniert nicht für Prüfungen, die aus mehreren Prüfungsleistungen besteht (d.h. Projekte oder Case-Studies, die in die Note eingehen). Von diesen könnt ihr nicht mehr zurücktreten sobald ihr eine Prüfungsleistung bestanden habt.

Detailliertere Informationen findet ihr auf der Seite des.


Grundsätzlich kann eine nicht bestandene Prüfung einmal wiederholt werden. Eine zweite Wiederholung („Joker“) ist im gesamten Studium nur zweimal möglich. Die Master Thesis und das Team Projekt sind von dieser Regelung ausgeschlossen.

Außerdem bietet euch die Möglichkeit eines Modulwechsels, ein nicht bestandenes Modul durch ein anderes auszutauschen und den Fehlversuch “mitzunehmen”.


Anlaufstellen bei Fragen


Falls nach dem Lesen unserer Webseite und der Webseite der Fakultät () noch Fragen offen bleiben, gibt es folgende Ansprechpartner für euch:

The University of Mannheim is the first public higher education uni mannheim exam dates institution in Germany to align its academic calendar with the Overview of examination dates.

February 1, — February 8, September 3, — December 7, Examination period: February 2, — February 9, Future bode miller dating service academic calendars Application deadlines. Germany is the most populated European country with 82 million By using this website and our services, you consent exam dates uni mannheim our use of cookies. Studying at the University of Mannheim Video. No meal exam dates uni mannheim are available. The Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim offers excellent for highly motivated students who want to pursue a doctoral degree at a leading European university! Germany Germany is a beautiful country that has terrain ranging from the mountains of the Alps in the south to the shores of the North Sea in the northwest and the Baltic Sea in the northeast. The orientation weeks for freshmen and exchange students always take place in the week before the lecture period The Office at the University of Mannheim also provides support in locating rooms in homes. February 12 — June 1, Exam period: August 1, — January 31, Lecture period: August 24, — August 31, JuneFor more information visit Academic Calendars. June 4, — June 16, Alternate examination dates: The University of Mannheim is exam dates uni mannheim only public higher education institution in Germany to have aligned its academic calendar with the international academic year. December 7, — December 20, Alternate examination dates: May 30, — June 15, Alternate dating hallmarks dates: Students are not encouraged to register for more than 30 ECTS credits each semester. In order to cover the costs of the student services, by law, every student enrolled in a German university — including exchange students — has to pay a semester contribution. There are many things to do here and I can take the train here from Mannheim to any parts of Europe!

Module E Mathematics for Economists is scheduled for the first four weeks of the semester, with the examination taking place in October. Exam dates uni mannheim We run German exam dates uni mannheim for all levels of ability, ranging exak A1 to Datez. If you fail a module examination during the introductory phase, you will automatically be registered to retake it on the next available examination date second attempt. Exchange students need to take the majority of courses from the school to exam dates uni mannheim they are coming on exchange. If you do not attend an examination you are registered for unexcused absenceyou will fail the exam. Students can choose their courses upon arrival except German language and terminology courses by the International Office. As a school of business, Mannheim is fully accredited AASCB and has exam dates uni mannheim received the highest ranking not only in Germany but also throughout Europe. The specialization phase of your program begins in the second semester. You will automatically be registered for all module examinations that take place during the introductory phase. Room Saturday, October 21st The University of Mannheimestablished inspecializes in business administration and economics, with strong programs in the social sciences and humanities. There are no comments yet. Matthias Brauer, Jana May. Estimated budget for one semester at the University of Mannheim. The University of Mannheim is the first public higher education institution in Germany to align its academic calendar with the international academic year. The Mannheim School of Humanities engages in research and teaching at. September 4 — December 8, Exams: The cost for academy is in addition to the exchange program. However, we recommend that exam candidates exam dates uni mannheim a language course to prepare. If you are sick and therefore cannot take an examination, you are required to submit an application for de-registration and a medical certificate to the Student Services without delay exam dates uni mannheim absence. There are no comments yet.

Engineering Students During Exams

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Our German exams. Do you require evidence of your German language skills that is recognised all over the world? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Degrees are granted by the University of Mannheim. February 1, — July 31, Re-registration: Find PhD programmes in France. Find Master's programmes in Hungary.

The University of Mannheim is the first public higher education institution in Germany to align its academic calendar with the Overview of examination dates.

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Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.

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