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   Parks are often the only areas big enough for people to gather and practice Tai Chi. The fresh air is a plus. There is also a belief that people can better connect with the Earth Chi when out on the bare ground, and connect better with the Air/Heaven Chi while outside.


   The traditional Tai Chi Chuan has five distinct styles that are taught throughout the world: they include Chen, Yang, Wu, Chen and Wu/Hao, but many different types of Tai Chi have derived from them over the years.

   Hybrid styles have become quite popular and lots of Western and Eastern practitioners appreciate them a lot. There are many health benefits in all the different types of Tai Chi.

   The oldest of the different types of Tai Chi is Chen style. Stamps, silk reeling, jumps and low stances are the features that best define it. Chen style is known by various other names such as Cannon Fist, Xia Jia or Lao Ja. This style has a great impact on the health of the mind, not to mention that it works the body completely. Enjoy a better intellectual activity, less emotional challenges and as stress-free life.

   Simplified moves is what distinguishes Yang Tai Chi from Chen Tai Chi. The Chinese government has massively supported this before other different types of Tai Chi to the extent that it is now considered a health practice more than a martial art. As it happens will different types of Tai Chi there is a possibility to approach this martial art without adhering to its main principles: health benefits may be the only reason why you practice it. And this is how Tai Chi is extensively used in the West.

   Different types of Tai Chi have developed outside of China: Lee Tai Chi appeared in UK, for instance. Then, we another example here is that of a style like Guang Ping Tai Chi that combines elements from Chen Tai Chi with Yang Tai Chi. The yin and yang principles are clearly defined in this latter variant and there are no less than 64 moves included. Masters often add an element of novelty to the existing styles or variations.

   Regardless which of the different types of Tai Chi you come to practice, the soft martial art experience will improve health, mind control and boost up personal development. People often join some Tai Chi program in order to better cope with stress or for the sake of diversity. But the more you practice, the more you realize that there are deeper things about Tai Chi than just good joints, legs and healthy breathing.

This article originally appeared in Ezines.

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