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   Sun style tai chi is the most modern of the five major styles of tai chi. Sun tai chi was developed in the early 1900s by grandmaster Sun Lu Tang.


Sun style tai chi got the name from its founder, Master Sun Lu Tang (1861-1932). Sometimes the art is called Sun Style Taijiquan. Although most of the tai chi schools were meant to train soldiers, Master Sun hoped Sun Style tai chi would be eventually used for peaceful purposes, such as to promote health and well-being. This famous school of tai chi is considered one of the easiest for anyone to learn, as most of the positions and movements are done with your feet on the floor and no more than shoulder width apart. You don't have to be concerned about going upside down or playing a martial arts version of Twister.

About Master Sun

Master Sun Lu Tang was born unhealthy. He came from a poor family, so food was an unsure commodity. But, like every other Chinese lad, he had to go work. He did have a little schooling, but his family's poverty all but forced him to quit and get a job as a servant boy. His master's son beat him up on a regular basis. Wanting to know how to better protect himself, he eventually began training with a local martial arts instructor. He fell in love with the moves and motion of tai chi.

Eventually, he was able to leave his servant job and work in his uncle's calligraphy workshop. There, he met many people who helped and had encouraged his tai chi training. Eventually, he was permitted to study with the famous and respected Master Li Kui Yuan, who taught Xing Li the art of tai chi.

As the years passed, Master Sun mastered three schools of learning tai chi. After this study, he created Sun Style tai chi, which incorporated what he then thought was the best form of the three tai chi movements that almost anyone could learn and benefit from. Not any longer was he a poor weak boy who got beat up daily. But, from all accounts, he was a kind, humble man who had found happiness and pleasure in Sun style tai chi and wanted to teach others.

Modern Times

Master Sun had many followers who eagerly shared their knowledge of Sun Style tai chi. You can view Sun Style tai chi in many books, YouTube videos, instructional DVDs, and videos. If you so choose, you can receive instruction from real people. Albeit one of the youngest schools of tai chi, Sun Style tai chi is also one of the most popular of the bunch. You really should try the beginner lessons before advancing to the next level, in order to give your body the proper strength to handle the repetitive advanced movements.

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