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The Tai Chi Chair

The Tai Chi Chair

   A chair designed for sitting and exercise, by Ecole Superieure díArt de Design De Reims student Yuan Yuan. It is constructed to provide relief at the end of a long day by providing handholds and footholds for performing various Tai Chi poses.


Health Related

Age-Related Loss Of Muscle Strength Can Be Prevented With Tai Chi
Ancient Art of Tai Chi Provides Multiple Health Benefits
Both Body And Mind Can Improve With Tai Chi Exercise
Can Tai Chi Help With Parkinsonís Disease?
Diabetes And Tai Chi
Enhance Physical And Emotional Well-Being With Tai Chi
Exercise And Tai Chi
Fibromyalgia And Tai Chi
Green Tea And Tai Chi Can Improve Quality Of Life
Healing From The Inside Out With Tai Chi
Health And Tai Chi
Heart Failure Patients Can Benefit From Tai Chi
How Tai Chi Helps Older Adults Avoid Shingles
Improving Your Balance With Tai Chi Chuan
Lowering Depression Among Older Adults With Tai Chi
Menopausal Symptoms Alleviated With Tai Chi
Obese Diabetics Can Benefit From Tai Chi
Reducing Falls Among The Elderly With Tai Chi
Relaxation And Tai Chi Chuan
Sleeping Easier With Tai Chi
Strengthening The Immune System With Tai Chi
Stress Free Living And The Ancient Path Of Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi And Your Health
Tai Chi For Health And Balance
The Benefits of Tai Chi
The Effects Of Chemo Brain Can Be Ameliorated With Tai Chi
Transplant Patients Restored By Tai Chi

As A Martial Art

Combat Tai Chi For Self-Defense
Getting Started With Tai Chi
Is Tai Chi A Martial Art Or Healthy Exercise?
Martial Arts For The Elderly
Push Hands
Practicing Tai Chi
Tai Chi Is Not Effective For Health Prevention And Special Needs
The Martial Stances Of Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi
The Sword Form Of Tai Chi
Training Tips For Tai Chi Chuan
Training With Tai chi Swords
Understanding The 'Chi' In Tai Chi Chuan

The Styles

10 Important Points For Yang Style Tai Chi Practice
18 Tai Chi Exercise Movements You Can Practice Anywhere
24 Posture Short Form Tai Chi
42 Form Tai Chi Chuan
Chen Style Tai Chi
Different Styles Of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan
Finding The Right Tai Chi Style
General Training Procedures For Learning Tai Chi
Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan
The Silk Reeling Energy Of Tai Chi Chuan
The Fundamentals Of Tai Chi
The Five Elements Theory Of Tai Chi
Tibetan Tai Chi
Water Tai Chi
Wu Hao Style Tai Chi
Wu Style Tai Chi
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Yang Style Tai Chi Textbook

General Information

4 Founders Of Tai Chi Chuan
Children And Tai Chi
History And Origins Of Tai Chi
Introduction To Tai Chi

Learning Tai Chi At Home
Meditation And Tai Chi Chuan
Stillness Within Motion Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi And Qi Gong
Tai Chi Chuan And Its Daoist Roots
Tai Chi Explained
Tai Chi Philosophy
Traditional Fitness Exercises And Tai Chi
What Is Tai Chi?
Yoga And Tai Chi?
Yoga Or Tai Chi?

Book & DVDs

Old Frame Chen Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)
Sunrise Tai Chi DVD
Tai Chi: The "Supreme Ultimate" Exercise for Health, Sport, and Self-Defense
Tai Chi Chuan: 24 & 48 Postures with Martial Applications
Tai Chi Classics
The Complete Book OF Tai Chi Chuan
The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation (Tai Chi)
Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan: Ancient Chinese Way to Health

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What Is Tai Chi?

 Tai Chi, as it is practiced in the west today, can perhaps best be thought of as a moving form of yoga and meditation combined. There are a number of so- called forms (sometimes also called 'sets') which consist of a sequence of movements. Read on...



Yoga Or Tai Chi?

What is Tai Chi? Is it like yoga? Tai chi and yoga are both excellent forms of exercise and meditation. Both draw a devoted following. But when considering tai chi vs. yoga, which would be the best for you? Read on...



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